Traveling across the magical and mysterious lands of Mexico is more than a hobby for many -- it's an addiction. From the call of lofty world class mountains to the thousands of miles of white sandy beaches, from ancient cities and colonial villages to backcountry adventures and deep jungle excursions, Mexico is a drug that can not be denied by the millions of travelers that have discovered the diversity and wonder of the Land Under the Sun.

to the BLOGSPOT for MexicoLessTraveled, a community of travelers and travel-wannabes interested in the wonderful world of adventure in Central America. Here you can join the community, read travel journals and user blogs, reply to comments or post your own. You can create a travel journal complete photos from your travel, ask questions, make inquiries -- anything and everything related to travel South of the Border.

Like all open forums, we can not control who contributes to the posts or what links or graphics they may publish. Our blogspot is moderated and we will make every attempt to delete unwanted contributions. But you may well from time to time happen upon a post that has not yet been reviewed. Please be patient and forgiving. If and when we catch malicious bloggers, we'll have our security forces pay a visit.

Nuff Said! Get started below and enjoy the first contribution to our new Blogspot, a travel journal from Mexico Less Traveled correspondent Ed Rice as he trekks across Mexico in search of the lost Tex Mexico, another MexicoLessTraveled staffer who has disappeared (as he often does) and apparently fallen prey once again to the mesmerizing lands of Central America.