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Mexico is rich in culture, from her indigenous roots to her Spanish heritage. You will also find cultural influences from Germany, Ireland, the Orient, French, African...and many other cultures that have migrated to New World in times past and present. From colorful Flamenco dancers to the charm of the Vaquero campasinos in the north, culture is found at every turn, in every community and on every face in Mexico.


When visiting Mexico, you will want to check out the multitude of museums you will find in every major city and often in small communities as well. They demonstrate the rich heritage of the country, the native roots, the ancient civilizations that came long before the New World explorers. Discover the history and culture of the land through a comprehensive museum system...


Here are a few of our favorites...


Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico


Museo Dolores Olmedo


Museo Nacional de Antropología


Frida Kahlo Museum


Museo Tamayo Arte Contempor√°neo


Museo Anahuacalli


Soumaya Museum


Nacional History Museum


Templo Mayor Museum


National Art Museum


Diego Rivera Mural Museum

FOOD - The culinary arts are alive and well in Mexico and lovers of great food will enjoy the many tastes of the country. Strong indigenous and European flavors influence the national foods of the country. From four star dining to neighborhood cafes and street vendors, you will find the flavors of Mexico totalizing and pleasing.


Be aware, Mexico is the land of the chile pepper and many foods are wonderfully spicy. Ask your server about the heat levels of each dish if you are unfamiliar with the local foods of Mexico. With or without the heat, you'll love the tastes of Mexico...

ART - Some of finest paintings in the world grace the walls of museums, government buildings, libraries and are found in private collections all across Mexico. And there works and masterpieces of Mexico's best artists are known far and wide throughout the world.


Whether you are viewing the art of Mexico at a museum or as part of a private collection, you are in for a real treat. Discover the grand works of the masters...

CULTURE - Mexico is rick in folk history and traditions. You will find a multitude of special celebrations and observances every month and locations all across the country. From celebrating their colorful and tumultuous history and heritage to observing sacred holidays like Easter, Christmas and of course the time-honored Day of the Dead observance, Mexico offers many opportunities to celebrate life and death and everything in-between.


At the top of the list for us is the annual Dia de las Muertos - or Day of the Dead observance - celebrated all across the country. It is a time for families to remember their lost loved ones and family members and a time for communities to come together...

TRADITION - Mexico is by large a nation of faith. Predominately Catholic, there are also people of other faiths and religion. But central to the nation are the many cathedrals and churches known for their architecture and services. Catholic Mass is most often celebrated and attended Saturday evening.


In addition to organized religion there are many other rituals involving local belief systems. The indigenous population still honor their age-old traditions. Descendants of the Nuhatl and Maya still observe their gods and private celebrations are held at many sacred sites...

CRAFTS - Across Mexico there are many master craftsman that still play their work in time-honored traditions. From the indigenous weavers of Oaxaca to furniture makers and craftsman of Talavera tile, high quality handmade goods are still a norm for the people of Mexico. In the mountains of southern regions there are animal carvers. Masks are still made by hand as are wooden bowls...

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