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Cinco de Mayo Festival in Puebla
There are many great Cinco de Mayo celebrations across Mexico and any one of them is a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and charm of Old Mexico. But perhaps the grandaddy of all Cinco de Mayo festivals is staged in the colonial city of Puebla near where it all began. Get your camera ready, brush up on your Spanish and head to Puebla for this remarkable fest.
Mayakoba Offers Eco-Luxury Spot
When Spanish explorers of the 16th Century landed on the remote shores of the Yucatan Peninsula, the last thing on their minds was to build a first class resort for tourists. But times have changed. Welcome to the Mayakoba, a new resort that combines luxury with ecology in a concept that is sure to please twin travel concepts.While you want to indulge on your vacation, getting there doesn't have to wipe out your budget, cheap tickets to the Yucatan can always be found.
SPA TIME: Living The Good Life
The holidays are quickly coming to an end and while it may well be the most wonderful time  of the year, it can leave you exhausted. You've spent the whole year working hard taking care of family and friends,  now  it's time to do a little something for yourself! Something that will rejuvenate both body and spirit  and get you geared up for the great year ahead. There's no better way to relax and find that new fountain of energy than to hop a plane and head South of the Border to some of Mexico's finest spas.
Isla Mujeres: The Isle of Women, Jewel of the Mexican Caribbean
Enchanting might be the best single word to describe Isla Mujeres, a tiny jewel of an island just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Isolated from the flashing lights and fancy hotels on the nearby Quintana Roo mainland, this secluded destination offers the best of many worlds, from ancient and historical to modern and high-tech.  
Las Olas Surf Camp: Girls Only!
Remember hanging with your best girlfriends in college and planning special trips together? Or those relaxing evenings spent in true conversational reverie with your best of buds? Those days can be yours again at Mexico's Las Olas Surf Camp. But this retreat is for girls only! So leave the guys at home and get ready for a great sea and sand adventure you won't easily forget.
Ancient Aliens of the Americas
While you won't find it in our history books, there is ample evidence of historical visitations from off world visitors in historic and prehistoric America. From an eerie encounter experienced and logged by Christopher Columbus in his ship's journal in 1492 to numerous and credible published newspaper reports in the 1800s, American history is riddled with reports of UFO sightings and contact with off world species. Ancient Aliens of the Americas chronicles the hidden history of the American continent and spotlights not only stories but places that continue to baffle and intrigue historians, including an ancient site in Bolivia that may be a lasting remnant of the "last age" of man.
The Magic of Xilitla
In the afternoon sunlight, the peaks of the Sierra Gorda Mountains in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi have turned the color of burnished metal, while a smoke-like mist hovers in the valley below.  On the steep sloped hills, lush with vegetation and terraced with coffee beans, stands the village of Xilitla (he-leet-la). Discover a world of art, magical gardens and an experience that will leave you refreshed, renewed and wanting to never leave. Story by Victor Walsh, photos by Dick Davis.
The Mysterious Crystal Cave
Mysterious, alluring and deadly, there's a natural cave in Northern Mexico hidden from the casual observer, buried deep beneath a silver mine and threatened by the industry that uncovered it. And should it one day (soon) disappear, destroyed by human intrusion, its loss will be monumental, the destruction of a place so rare and magnificent that it could hold a magnitude of secrets about the Earth and how it was formed - and what it looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago before man ever walked the planet.  
Los Cabos All Inclusive - Booking a los cabos all-inclusive has never been easier and more affordable. Enjoy a vacation of a lifetime!
Adventure: The Hauntings of Mexico!
Mexico has a long been a land of great mystery. Long before the Spanish arrived with their assorted haunted tales and legends, the native peoples of Central America embraced the unexplained in a way uncommon to European man. Stories that might frighten you and I seemed to fascinate the ancient civilizations of Meso-America. The Olmecs, Maya, Zapotec and other, gravitated to the surreal and mysterious, often incorporating spiritual meaning into their forms of religion, art and science.
Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
If you're looking for a good Central American mystery to wrap your mind around for the season, look no further than the tale of the Mitchell-Hodges crystal skull, a mystifying artifact actually uncovered in Belize. But similar skulls have been discovered at ruin sites across Mexico, though not nearly as artfully crafted or with such perfect precision in craftsmanship. But the lore surrounding the crystal skulls is one worth studying. Especially if you start with the famous Mitchell-Hodges skull.
The Night of the Witches Festival
It's a very beautiful and very strange place. You can sense it before you can see it, a strangely mythical atmosphere supercharged by the thick tropical air and mingled with swirling mists of the Sierra de Las Tuxtlas mountains near Vera Cruz, Mexico. This is Olmec country, one of the most ancient cultures of the Americas, home of the famous giant stone faces of La Venta, and the place where many legends and myths were born; where many still survive. Get ready for the Night of the Witches Convention in Catemaco, a truly strange travel adventure.
Sunny Trips to Mexico - Mexico Holidays are a great way to enjoy some time in the sunshine in this warm, friendly and quite affordable country.
Spice Up Your Party In Style!
Halloween - it only comes once a year, and too bad it doesn't last longer. That's probably because in the U.S., the holiday doesn't have the same cultural impact that it does in Mexico. But even if you're not lucky enough to be in Mexico in October, you can still celebrate the occasion with a few traditional Dia de los Muertos treats with family and friends at your Halloween party - and enjoy expanding your cultural horizons!
PREPARE: The Days of the Dead
Ever wondered why you hear so much about the "Day of the Dead" celebration in Mexico? Do you think the traditional Mexican observance is as big as Halloween is in the United States? Well, it's actually bigger - and much deeper in meaning and tradition. Much preparation must take place, like the building of intricate and ornate altars, the making of specialty foods and candies, candle making and gift wrapping, the arrangement of flowers, cleaning of family grave sites.
Mexico's Crystal Caves
We all know and revere the beauty of  Mexico, it surrounds us in every corner of the country. But what you can't see of  Mexico (without a lot of effort) may even astound you more. Mexico, is home to some of the most fascinating underground caves in the world. There are places here that look as though they belong in an alien world. The Cave of Crystals found below the Chihuhuan Desert for example. You could swear you were looking at the set of Supermans home world, Krypton....but this is no film set it is the real deal.
In Search of the "Talking Cross", the Maya's Ultimate Weapon
Deep in the Yucatan jungles in the state of Quintana Roo, an old wooden cross said to "speak to the Elders" is hidden away from casual sight, the same artifact that rallied the Maya into revolution in 1848 against the Mexican Federal government in Mexico City. Some say the cross still speaks, and prepares the Maya for the coming 'end of the age'. Join us in the search for the Talking Cross.
City of the Gods" -- Mexico's Teotihuacán is Sacred Ancient Site
High in the mountains of Central Mexico stands an ancient city, a masterful work of sophisticated layout and engineering; a city that was the third largest in the world at the time of its glory; a city whose builders remain a mystery; a city where great pyramids were built and a complex system of government and religion flourished; a place they call "the City of Gods."  
Tex Mexico's Perfect RV Destination
 Lost Planet Media's Mexico correspondent and travel writer, Tex Rainbolt, who pens his articles with the name TEX MEXICO, is at it again, this time finding the perfect RV Destination along the beautiful Costa Esmeralda Coast. Located Some 500 miles south of Brownsville this 40-mile stretch of beach in the Mexican state is one of the most beautiful and economical places to RV in all of Mexico. Costa Esmeralda offers hotels rooms as low as $12 per night…RV spaces are plentiful and start at about $5 a day.   
Mexico's Long Christmas Season
While Americans Christmas holiday season concentrates on three days within a one week period our friends South of the Border enjoy the Christmas Spirit December through Feburary. Learn more about the special observances of "Las Posadas", "Three Kings Day" and "Candelmas Day". While most of these observances have religious ties many are celebrated culturally throughout Mexico, Central and South America and communities throughout the United States. Why not try out a Mexican Christmas tradition and extend your Christmas spirit and season too!
Rock Climbing Mecca
Mexico is a virtual adventure land of opportunity, regardless your choice of adventure sport. For the active traveler, a little know rock climbing spot near Monterrey offers the perfect getaway for a weekend or a week, and you'll often find you have the pristine limestone cliffs all to yourself. El Potrero Chico is located about an hour northwest of Monterrey, a craggy limestone outcrop that has been quietly attracting rock climbers from around the world.
Merida Colonial Lifestyle
Merida...The White City that sparkles in the Yucatan and soon to be Mexico's latest retirement hot spot. Real estate deals here can be as wide in price range as any American city but if your a savvy shopper you can find the deal of a lifetime. The best deals involve the salvaging of old run down colonial homes that haven't seen the light of day for maybe half a century.  With a little time and money you could have a dream Mexican Hacienda in one of the safest, most beautiful places in Mexico.
Viva Aerobus! Cancun Cheap!
So you think getting to Cancun is out of your price range, especially now with the cost of rising fuel!  Thanks to the arrival of Viva Aerobus service from Austin, Tx. your carribbean dream vacation can become a reality. The budget airline is counting on a clientele that doesn't mind no frill flights in exchange for a quick safe trip to and from Mexico.  The carrier also services several other Mexican cities at low fares. Go and discover the beauty of Mexico.
Romantic Retreat In Guanajuato
I've been told for years that rare romantic moments can change ones life. But I'm the curious type. I had to find out for myself. If you're looking to spoil that soul mate in your life, perhaps for a Honeymoon getaway or a retreat where vows can be repeated, the luxury of the Villa Maria Cristina in Guanajuato awaits, perhaps the the perfect getaway of the year. Discover a lover's paradise in historic Guanajuato and rediscover romance.
The Temple of the Storm Gods
In the State of Veracruz not far from the capital city stands the Totonac ruins of El Tajin, a city that ruled much of the southern Gulf around 400 - 900 A.D. Central to the city is the Temple of the Niches, a grand pyramid that the Totonac believe was the temple of twelve old men, or storm gods, named Tajin. These storm gods are said to still inhabit the ruins and control the storms that rumble atop this hill in northern Veracruz.  
The Wonders & Mysteries of Tulum
With so many mysterious and sacred places in Mexico it is difficult to pin point one as being more special than the others. But the ancient cliffside Mayan site of Tulum on the Caribbean coast in Quintana Roo stands above most as being unique and awe-inspiring, and any trip you have planed across the border this year should include the time to explore this majestic example of ancient history and myth. Discover the ancient walled-city of Tulum and get in touch with the past!
Festival of Flowers and Dance
The annual rites of the passage spring have created many festivals and celebrations. The Xochimilco Festival  is a four day fest held annually two weeks before Easter, and dates back to precolonial times when Mexicans honored the goddess of flowers (Xochipilli) and the goddess of dance (Maculxochitl) to ensure good harvests. Discover colorful parades on flower-decorated barges along Xochimilco's famed canals.
Take A Spiritual Spring Break!
Most of the images that flood our minds about Spring Break are wild partying scenarios, loud music, excessive drinking and a vacation that generally leaves you feeling spent and not refreshed (though you may have had fun, did it really leave you feeling better?). But there are other alternatives even in the spring break party region of the Yucatan. Why not avail yourself this year of the beauty, magic and history of the Mayan people by experiencing a Shaman Spring Break Spiritual Transformation!
Carnaval in Mexico 2008
When you think of the Carnaval celebration you most often think of Brazil or the Island nations of the Caribbean. But Carnaval is big in Mexico, and accessible to most U.S. travelers wanting to escape for the unique celebration withouit having to travel far. The festival of Carnaval is celebrated as a last indulgence of carnal pleasures that Catholics must give up for 40 days of fasting during Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. The word Carnaval is derived from Latin, meaning take away or goodbye to flesh.
San Miguel Jazz & Blues Fest
This year’s 2007 jazz and blues festival launched what promises to be the biggest and best jazz festival ever in the history of San Miguel.  The festival has a proud history.  Director Antonio Lozoya has organized nine concerts and educational clinics that will once again position San Miguel’s festival as one of the leading jazz events in all of Mexico.  With the sponsorship of local foundation Cantos de los Santos, such artists as saxophonist Bob Sheppard (, blowing audiences away playing with everyone from Chick Corea to James Taylor.  
Real de Catorce: Mexican Ghost Town at the Top of the World
Near the Tropic of Cancer and high in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, Real de Catorce is a magnificent example of a former silver mining stronghold. Now largely in ruins, it remains a ceremonial center for the Huichol Indians and a place where mysticism and adventure combine to entice travelers to explore its many mysteries.  
PREPARE: The Days of the Dead
Ever wondered why you hear so much about the "Day of the Dead" celebration in Mexico? Do you think the traditional Mexican observance is as big as Halloween is in the United States? Well, it's actually bigger - and much deeper in meaning and tradition. Much preparation must take place, like the building of intricate and ornate altars, the making of specialty foods and candies, candle making and gift wrapping, the arrangement of flowers, cleaning of family grave sites.
When The Wind Blows -- HARD!
Destination Hurricane: Welcome to Mexico! It's a place of great hotels, good food, and a steady breeze -- and sometimes a place where the wind blows a bit stronger than usual - or expected. Welcome to storm prone Central America! The last thing you want for your summer or fall vacation is the serious threat of a hurricane - that mystical, tropical blow that has claimed the lives of millions and cost Central America billions in development.
Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Puebla Majico
Just named part of the Mexico Tourism Board's Pueblas Majicas, Santiago is a growing popular destination for eco travelers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. From camping to hiking to backcountry horseback riding, Santiago, a suburb of Monterrey, offers plenty of outdoor activity and fun. Visit this remarkable destination and explore the abundant beauty of Norhern Mexico. Discover more today.
Fishing the Cave of Sardines Ritual
Long before the Spanish arrived in their wooden sailing vessels, long before the Republic of Mexico claimed rule over the indigenous Maya population, natives of the high mountains of Tobasco gathered each planting season at sulphuric waters near the "Cave of the Sardines" to ask the Gods for blessings on their crops. They still do. Get ready for a cultural experience.
Corona Rally Mexico 2007
It's one of the premiere gravel racing events in Mexico, a grueling ride across the diverse countryside surrounding Guanajuato, and a qualifying event for the world championships. It's also a great time to visit historic Guanajuato and take in some of the sites and sounds of a city crowned with a major racing festival. Get ready for some offroad excitement in Mexico at the Corona Rally Mexico, March 9-11.
Dual Nation Celebration: Charro Days
In a time of strained border politics over immigration issues, there is a 70 year old festival that looks beyond the physical borders of two nations and unites the cultures and peoples of both Texas and Mexico. February 18 -25 Charro Days and it's sister-celebration, The Sombrero Festival, get underway in the sister cities of Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico. Get ready to party!
Balnearios: The Romance Hot
Keeping the romance a little steamy is a little easier South of the Border. But if your really want to feel the heat, you must experience Mexico's balnerios (hot springs). There are more than 1,000 of these natural warm water, mineral springs, pools and rivers across the nation all beckoning you to explore their sensuous waters. So take in the "waters" of Old Mexico and keep the romance hot in Mexico's fine balnearios!
A Guide to Car Rentals in Mexico
You can always hop a plane to any number of beautiful destinations  across Mexico, But you miss the pristine countrysides, charming villages and unique culture that way. Consider renting a car from a Mexican company and drive across this mysterious and wonderland land. Though the process of renting a vehicle may be a little more time consuming and complex than picking up a rental stateside, it is well worth the effort.
Mexico Travel Journals!
Traveling across the magical lands of Mexico is more than a hobby for many -- it's an addiction. From the call of lofty world class mountains to the thousands of miles of white sandy beaches, from ancient cities and colonial villages to backcountry adventures and deep jungle excursions, Mexico undenied. Welcome to the Journals! Blog your own!  
Carnival in Merida: Out of this World!
While winter continues to weave a chilly spell across most of North America, things are warming up in Central and South America and across the Caribbean region as Carnival season quickly approaches. In mid February, the Yucatecan city of Merida is home to one of the best parties of the year, the annual Carnival celebration. Get ready for a trip to the White City in the Land of the Sun for a Carnival experience you'll never forget.
SURF'S UP: Cancun Surf Festival
Surf's Up in Cancun, and mild January temps provide the perfect winter getaway for North Americans looking to escape the cold! Wax up the board, slip on the Jams and get ready to spend two weeks on the famous beaches of the Yucatan where surfing is the order of the day. From Jan. 10-25 Cancun will play host to Surf Festival Mexicano 2007, a tournament in conjunction with the Mexican National Surfing Circuit. Cancun’s Playa Delfines will be the official site of the event.
Guide To Living in Mexico (Parts I & II)
So Living in Mexico is an idea you have toyed with, a fleeting thought of high adventure, tranquil environment, the easy life. Everyone has their dream, and if living in the Land of the Sun has ever been part of your dream world, you'll find this two part guide a useful tool and making the right decisions about life "South of the Border', the where, the why and what would it be like questions that linger like shadows in your mind. Discover the possibilities. Dare to dream!
Merida International Festival of Art
It might seem strange to think of Merida as a showcase of contemporary art. Celebrating nearly 500 years of colonial history and located in the middle of the ancient Mayan empire of the Yucatan, the history-rich city seems an unlikely place for artisans of modern times. But times are changing, and the month of January marks the time that old and new meet at the crossroads. Discover the Merida International Festival of Art.
Discover Whale Watching in Baja
Gray whales are 52 feet long and weigh 36 tons, yet are gentle enough to touch… and Baja California's Pacific coast is the perfect place to experience the thrill! Every year , more than 10,000 gray whales trade the freezing waters of Alaska's Bering Sea for the warmth of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Traveling along the Pacific coastline at top speeds of five mph, the whales take about four months to make the 10 thousand miles roundtrip.
The New Golf Mecca of Mexico
When you think of Puerto Vallarta chances are good that visions of beautiful beaches, romantic mountain villas, fine dining and colorful Indian natives fills your mind. It has always been one of Mexico's oldest and well known tourist destinations, thanks in part to the 1957 film "Night of the Iguana" starring Richard Burton and Eva Gardner, which brought the spotlight to this one time exotic hideaway along the Pacific coastline.
Cancun Is Back  - And Better!
It's often been an uphill battle, cleaning up after the ravages of Hurricane Wilma a little more than a year ago. But as one Cancun resident put it, "tourism is our life here. If we don't rebuild the beaches, then we have no hope." Hope and hard work is what it has taken, but like the part time chef from one of the damaged hotels who was busy cleaning debris from the beaches without pay, the people of Cancun have united with the Mexican government to rebuild their glorious resort.
Desert Off-Road's Best: Tecate 1000
It's the grandaddy of desert races, the Tecate Baja 1000, the final leg of the SCORE Desert Series, a grueling 1,000-plus mile race across some of the most harsh and mysterious terrain on Earth. Drivers climb aboard their cars, trucks, motorbikes and ATVs to compete for the glory and the money. With world wide television coverage, this is the ultimate off-road event of the year.  
Elegant, Luxurious Hacienda Hotel
In the midst of one of Mexico's most beautiful regions you'll find a quaint town called Cocoyoc where a beautiful historical hacienda lies. Built by the hands of  Mexico's most legendary Indian rulers, owned by equally famous Spanish Royalty, it was once almost destroyed by Mexican revolutionaries. It is not hard to imagine why rulers and conquerors sought to own this "Garden of  Eden".
Zone of Silence: Mysterious Desert
There is much about our world that we still do not understand. Scientists say that natural mysteries abound in every corner of the Earth. From the lifeless desert of Chile to the bottomless depths of the Pacific, there are things we simply do not comprehend. Perhaps this is the best way to describe a place in the middle of the hot, searing, punishing Chihuahuan desert of northern Mexico called the "Zone of Silence". What mysteries does it hold? What secrets does it hide?
International Nacho Festival!
It's been around for sixty-years and has now reached International food star status. The nacho, born in the late 1940's in Piedras Negras, Mexico, has made it to the top! Down through the years it has grown into one of the world's most favorite and famous snacks. Now, every year, the nacho is celebrated in grand style at the International Nacho Fest in the place of its birth.
Migration: Flight of the Monarchs
It may be hard for us in the modern world to understand how the habits and nature of a butterfly can change the way we live. But that's exactly what happens each year in parts of Mexico where the Monarch butterfly signifies the end of one way of life and the beginning of another. It's an essential part of indigenous folklore and rituals in large areas of Mexico; a natural time clock for the changing of the seasons.
Festival of Skulls in Aguascalientes!
Since the beginning of time cultures around the world have developed their own take on death and dying. For the indigenous population around Aguascalientes, Mexico, death is both a burden and good cause for celebration, as demonstrated in the annual Festival of Skulls staged each year in October and November. Discover this cultural experience and celebrate the art of laughing at death!
Sept. 16th - Independence Day!
September 16th in Mexico, Diez Seis de Septembre, marks one of two annual celebrations observed to mark Mexico's independence, and the largest national holiday of the year. It is the day the 1810 revolution against the Spanish ruling class began when Father Miguel Hidalgo y Castilla rang the church bells in Dolores at midnight, calling Mexican peasants to arms against the gachupines (the ruling class, born in Spain).  
Mayan City Connected to Rome?
The Mayan ruins at Comalcalco, near the modern city of Villahermosa in Tabasco State, are more than a small mystery to archeologists and other researchers who are studying the unique architectural style of the ancient city. Instead of limestone blocks, oven-baked bricks were used, like the ones used in Rome. And there are other clues! Could there be a connection? Some say yes!  
The Coming U.S. Passport Laws
Sure, just about every U.S. traveler has heard the news about new passport requirements going into effect January 8 2007. But not only is there still confusion over the issue, time is running out if you're planning a Mexico visit this winter and haven't yet applied for your passport yet. Find out the new rules and how to get your PP today.
Snakes on a Pyramid: Chichen Itza
There's a lot of good reasons for an adventure to the ancient Maya City of Chichen Itza. But a visit during the spring or fall equinox is an experience long remembered. Thousands flock each year to watch the shadow of the serpent appear as the cosmos align perfectly to create the eerie and mysterious visual effect. Discover the equinox at Chichen Itza and explore the world of the Maya.
Discover Veracruz Whitewater Action!
When most people think of Veracruz they think of the famous international port city by the same name along the Gulf of Mexico. But many active travelers may be surprised to learn that within the State of Veracruz lies Mexico's number one rafting destination, Jalcomulco. Get ready for high adventure in Veracruz State on one of several grand river escapes.
It's Moors Versus Christian Time
It's not everyday that you see great European battles like the great crusade of Charlemagne and the Twelve Peers of France, said to have taken place in 770 and to have had as "its sole purpose the rescue of holy relics". It might seem a little strange at first glance that Zacatecas, Mexico, would embrace a festival commemorating such times. Discover Morismas de Bracho and explore Spanish history.
New Orleans of the Mexican Gulf?
After arriving in Tampico it doesn't take the traveler long to realize something is very different about the place. Like in most Mexican communities, there are influences of early Spanish colonization to be seen. There are typical Mexican street names and a bustling common market and typical city square. But closer examination reveals a strong French influence to the this busy city, much of which comes from 19th century Louisiana.  
The Perfect Fitness/Spa Resort
Not far from San Diego lies the city of Tecate, famous for the oldest full-service fitness spa and resort in the Americas - Rancho La Puerta. A one-hour drive from San Diego, barely across the border in Baja California, the perfect, dry climate, balanced between sea and desert at an altitude of 1,750 feet in a cooler mountain zone, makes this the ideal location for year-round fitness activities, relaxation, and the recharging of spirit.
All Aboard the Tequila Express!
There are some that call Tequila the Devil's brew. Others, including yours truly, consider the busty, high-octane liquor the product of pure art and time-honored tradition. Certainly the powerful brew has been abused and misunderstood down through the years. Plan a trip on the Tequila Express, originating in Guadalajara and taking you through the working distilleries of Mexico. Viva la Tequila!
Bargain Travel Under the Mayan Sun
Anytime of year is a great time of year to visit the mysterious world of the Yucatan Peninsula, but playing hard under the hot summer Mayan sun is a growing favorite for the few wanting to avoid the crowds of tourists who shy away from the sun-scorched lowland jungles of southern Mexico because of the extreme heat of the season, making your adventure less crowded and often more of a bargain.
The International Mariachi Festival
There are those that say the very spirit of Mexico's rich culture runs hot in the veins of her Mariachis, those musical icons that serenade the boulevards, public squares and sidewalks of a nation with a brand and style of music that is both unique and legendary. Like the bullfighter, the Mariachi is a symbol of nationalism and culture in Mexico, and there is great national pride in preserving the image of these singing heroes.
Hypnotic Waters of the Agua Azul
It's been called by many the most beautiful natural attraction in Mexico, the Cascades de Agua Azul in the Blue Water Biosphere of southern Chiapas, just about 30 miles from Mexico's famous archeological park at Palenque. The crystalline blue waters are a surreal contrast in the heart of the dense green rain forest country of southern Mexico.
Visiting Mexico's Wine Country
Just a few hours south of California's Napa Valley, Mexico's rich wine country sits in a natural climate of dry desert and coastal moisture, a perfect combination for grapes, similar to the wine rich Mediterranean orchids of southern Europe. Discover Mexico's fertile Valle de Guadalupe and enjoy the fruit of the vine!
The Underworld of the Yucatan
In the ancient land of the Maya there was a deep belief in the power of the Underworld, the center of creation according to Meso-American mythology. So there should be little surprise that the caverns beneath the Yucatan were sacred spots to the indigenous population, who thought the door to the Underworld was hidden in the maze-like caverns that tunnel beneath the porous limestone uplift of southern Mexico. Get ready for an adventure!
Mexico's Toluca & the Cosmovitral
It's hard to believe that Toluca is located a short 45 minutes away from the sprawling Metropolis of Mexico City.  In spite of it's cosmopolitan flavor, this mountain community is full of rich Euro-influenced architecture, massive cathedrals, abundant natural wonders, and home to the Cosmovitral, one of the world's highest, largest and most spectacular works of art.
Living Like the Zapotec in a Yú'ù
Most visitors to Oaxaca are not aware of the diverse bioculture that exists outside Oaxaca City. If living the life of the Zapotec is a cultural experience you could appreciate, then there's no better way perhaps than to book a room at one or several of the special Zapotec Yu'u constructed in various villages across the Oaxaca Valley. (Yu'u means house in Zapotec).  
Sky Island: The Sierra del Carmens
It's hot, dry and sometimes called ugly by the uninitiated. Hot desert winds chap the lips; soaring temps steal your body moisture - the horizon is huge mirage of rising heat. Yet before you looms a wall of rock, thousands of feet tall, and upon the slopes above in lies rich mountain forests and trickling springs. It's been called one of the most remote places on Earth. Welcome to the Lost World!  
Pure Paradise on a Mayan Beach
Even the best of us get tired from trekking down that road-less-traveled and want to find that perfect resort where everyone in the family can enjoy a delightful stay full of all the amenities we crave in a resort. Look no further! The Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar near Playa Del Carmen offers the entire family a resort getaway you'll never forget. Discover the pleasures of paradise.
Truth and Myths of Border Dentistry
You've heard the stories. Some say visiting a Mexican border dentist is a bad move destined for problems. Others swear by the quality of service and reduced cost of patronizing Mexican dental clinics. Certainly U.S. patients are flocking across the border in large numbers. Is it safe? Is it recommended? Find the answers you seek in this revealing piece about border dentistry.
Mel Gibson On Location in Mexico
Leave it to our Mexico traveling correspondent Tex Mexico! While sipping a tropical drink in his favorite Veracruz hangout, he meets with an Irish couple working on Mel Gibson's Mexico movie set for the upcoming epic, Apacolypto! - and gets invited to meet the famous actor/director. Read about his chance encounter and find out where Tex is headed next in this installment of "Down Mexico Way"
Merida: The White City of Mexico
Capital of the State of Yucatan, Merida lies about 20 miles from the western Yucatan Gulf coast and makes an excellent base for exploring the Yucatan's many Mayan treasures. Known to the indigenous Maya as the city of T'HO, and often called the White City because its streets and sidewalks are cleaned twice everyday, this charming colonial city is a paradox of two cultures that have influenced its development.  
Eco-Exploring Cañon del Sumidero
It is often said that beauty and tragedy go hand in hand. Such is the case of Cañon del Sumidero, one of Mexico's most spectacular and rugged canyons, located in the state of Chiapas. Near Palenque, most are unaware of this ecological wonder located nearby. Discover the biodiversity and beauty of this remarkable region.
"Food of the Gods Festival"
Somewhere around 1500 B.C. the native cultures of what is now modern Oaxaca began to cultivate plants to supplement their customary diet of meat, fish, wild berries and fruits. Today, Oaxaca is known far and wide for its culinary delights, charming and spicy flavors and rich and wonderful cuisine. Discover the tastes of Oaxaca.  
NATURE: El Paraiso Eco-Resort
While there are plenty of remote spots for a  getaway excursion into Mexico's rich biodiversity, there are few that offer better services and attractions than El Paraiso Eco-Resort near Tampico - an easy drive from the Texas border. Discover North America's deepest natural well, explore uncharted beaches and explore turtle nesting grounds. Tamaulipas serves us raw nature and relaxation.
Palenque - Realm of the Jaguar
There are special places you can visit, mystical locations that some call "places of power". Palenque, carpeted by a sea of green jungle and clothed in history and legend, is a reminder of how early American civilization flourished for hundreds of years in this lush, tropical region of southern Mexico. Discover the mysteries and myths of Palenque and walk the realm of the jaguar.
Acapulco Gold: There is Still a Lot of Reasons To Visit the Golden City
Once the prime Central American destination for jet-setters and the in-crowd, Acapulco now attracts a broader base of regular travelers from all over the world. With first rate service and abundant natural beauty, you can still lose yourself in this Pacific resort. Discover Acapulco and get ready for a memorable vacation to the Land of the Golden Sun.
Real de Catorce: Mexican Ghost Town at the Top of the World
Near the Tropic of Cancer and high in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, Real de Catorce is a magnificent example of a former silver mining stronghold. Now largely in ruins, it remains a ceremonial center for the Huichol Indians and a place where mysticism and adventure combine to entice travelers to explore its many mysteries.  
Travel Consultants Name Mexico As One of Top Ten International Destinations Worldwide
It comes as no surprise to many, but Mexico has once again been named as one of the best international travel destinations in the world. According to the 2006 Travel Trends Survey conducted by Carlson Wagonlit Travel Associates, Mexico continues to dominate the list of top 10 international destinations.
Yucatan's Ancient Past:  Uxmal - City of the Overnight Miracle
It's a magnificent site to see, nestled into the Yucatan countryside and surrounded by the sounds of the wild. It is an ancient city of legend and mystery, a Maya stronghold where life once flourished in a sea of green, where Kings consulted the stars for divine guidance.
Exploring the Biodiversity of Tampaulipas Cloud Country
Not far from the Texas border and near the beautiful city of Victoria, El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, an ecological wonder, awaits the curious traveler. This land is magical and mystical and offers tremendous outdoor opportunities for active travelers. The cloud forest tops of the park offer cool respite and great camping.
VERACRUZ - The Cradle of Mexico's Colorful History
Romantic, historic, tropical and wonderfully relaxing and adventuresome - that's just part of what makes Veracruz state a perfect destination for the traveler. From charming restaurants to lively nightspots and a city square that offers a famous international flavor, you'll find it all!
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