One of the best kept travel secrets the world over, full of exotic destinations, resorts, little known attractions and natural beauty...


From cultural activities to adventure travel, Mexico offers something for everyone - colorful and historic colonial cities, remote getaways and natural wonders, national parks and World heritage sites, abundant wildlife, remarkable beaches, romantic destinations, sparkling whitewater, canyons, rivers, lakes and recreational and National Parks, fantastic festivals, mountain resorts, ancient history and fabulous landmark.


Discover Mexico Less Traveled!

5 Must-Visit West Mexico Destinations

Spoil yourself where the weather is warm, the people are friendly, the culture is rich, the immersive culinary scene is phenomenal, the beaches are beautiful, and dreamy destinations abound.


These perfect spring and summer destinations await offering the best Mexico's west coast has to offer. Relax on the beach, spoil your self in a luxurious spa adventure, watch the whales, surf the Pacific and dine on culinary excellence. These choice destinations will not disappoint!


Check out these premiere travel spots and pack your bags!  MORE

Isla Mujeres: The Isle of Women, Jewel of the Mexican Caribbean...


Enchanting might be the best word to describe Isla Mujeres, a tiny jewel of an island just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Isolated from the flashing lights and fancy hotels on the nearby Quintana Roo mainland, this secluded destination offers the best of many worlds, from ancient and historical to modern comforts.   Walk the roads of Hemingway, enjoy the trade winds, and discover paradise just off the coast of Cancun. your destination awaits.  MORE

In the City of the Gods

Mexico's Teotihuacán is a Sacred and Ancient Site


High in the mountains of Central Mexico stands an ancient city, a masterful work of sophisticated layout and engineering; a city that was the third largest in the world at the time of its glory; a city whose builders remain a mystery; a city where great pyramids were built and a complex system of government and religion flourished; a place they call "the City of Gods." As scholars continue their work, many mysteries about the city and its people remain, a puzzle that still mystifies those that know the city best. But slowly, science is uncovering the city's secrets, and we realize how little we understood.   MORE

Migration: Flight of the Monarchs


It may be hard for us in the modern world to understand how the habits and nature of a butterfly can change the way we live. But that's exactly what happens each year in parts of Mexico where the Monarch butterfly signifies the end of one way of life and the beginning of another. It's an essential part of indigenous folklore and ritual in large areas of Mexico; a natural time clock for the changing of the seasons. In recent years there has been a decline in the numbers of these glorious pollinators, and the dire  consequences could be costly. Like the honey bee, the Monarchs played a vital role in our ecology, and in Mexico, as the butterflies suffer, so do the people.    MORE


Snakes on a Pyramid: At the Equinox

There's a lot of good reasons for an adventure to Chichen Itza. But a visit during the equinox is a grand experience to be long remembered.  Watch the serpent climb down the pyramid as the equinox sun passes its zenith...  MORE

The Mysterious Zona de Silencia

There is a place in the middle of the hot, searing, Chihuahua desert of northern Mexico called the "Zone of Silence".  What mysteries and secrets does this place hold? Find out about this amazing site...             MORE

Uxmal - The City of the Miracle

It's a magnificent site, nestled into the Yucatan and surrounded by wild jungle. It is an ancient city of legend and mystery, a Maya stronghold where life once flourished in a sea of green, where Kings ruled the stars.                MORE

The Healing Hot Springs of Mexico

If you are looking for a little magic,consider one of many hot spring resorts. You'll find all kinds in every corner of the country, some tucked away in resorts while others are found in the secluded mountain and desert regions.       MORE

The Whales of the Baja Await!

Gray whales 52 feet long weighing 36 tons, are gentle enough to touch…and Baja California's Pacific coast is the perfect place to experience the thrill! Catch the whales at Baja every year for a thrill you won't forget.                    MORE

Tulum: Beneath the Mayan Sun

It is one of the most magnificent ancient cities in the Yucatan, located on a bluff overlooking the blue Caribbean. History has it that it was a special spiritual center for the Maya priesthood. We just call it paradise.                  MORE

Haunted Mexico - Land of Mystery

Mexico has long been a land of great mystery. Long before the Spanish arrived with their assorted haunted tales and legends, the native peoples of Central America embraced the unexplained, a land said to be haunted.  MORE

Mexico's Cueva de Cristales!

A Cave of Crystals is found below the Chihuhua Desert in Northern Mexico and is a remarkable site for those equipped to venture down its depths. Surreal and amazing to see, this cave may soon be gone forever.                MORE

Mayakoba - Eco-Luxury in the Yucatan

When Spanish explorers of the 16th Century landed on the shores of the Yucatan, the last thing on their minds was to build a first class eco-resort. But they did, and now you can enjoy it...                                                  MORE



Las Olas Surf Camp - For girls only! Discover the perfect beach resort ladies. Tune up, tan up and surf up...        MORE


Merida - the Colonial Lifestyle: Discover the green Yucatan jungle and experience this Spanish city with Mayan overtones, a rich, cultural experience...            MORE



Real de Catorce, Top of the World - For adventurers who dream, a near-ghost town on top of a mountain where silver was once mined - a real getaway!                 MORE


Balnearios, The Romance Hot: Keeping the romance a little steamy is a little easier South of the Border. But do you really want to feel the heat?                            MORE

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