Girls Night Out!

Remember hanging with your best girlfriends in college and planning special trips together? Or those relaxing evenings spent in true conversational reverie with your best of buds?


As we mature, those friendships often mean even more to us as our individual lives get complicated with career and family responsibilities. There seems to be less time than ever before to get out and enjoy your close friends and comrades.


Face it girls - it's nice to get together with girlfriends once in a while and renew old friendships and to catch up with what's new in everyone's life.


Come to think of it, who hasn't dreamed of sipping a margarita on the beach with a dear friend, or a small group, nestled under a palm tree on the beach in the beautiful Caribbean? And what about learning something new together, forging ahead in a new adventure activity that you all will remember for the years to come?

Hey - how about surfing Mexico!


Did someone say Mexico? Alone with a group of women...and surfing?  Well, it may sound a little crazy, but it's a great idea that thousands have been enjoying for years.


After all, when well planned and executed safely, security concerns are not a big issue for "girl" travelers moving about as a group together - depending on where you travel of course. One such safe and remarkable place is the beautiful and exclusive women's only Las Olas Surf Camp.


Located just 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Las Olas Surf Camp  is actually an extended girls night out - a dream come true. From surf instruction to expert yoga and massage, the camp's one-week retreat program is designed to help women attain confidence, health, friendship and fun by enjoying sports together.


Las Olas is quickly becoming a favorite among mother-daughter travelers with special safaris offered designed to bring the girls in the family together on the beach and in the water. What a great way to ease those mother-daughter tensions or strengthen multigenerational ties.


And just in case you're wondering, no one is ever to old or out-of-shape to learn surfing. Instructors report they have provided instruction to women up to age 60 with little trouble (on the part of instructor or student). You may find the experience gives you inspiration to feel younger and to get back in shape again!


Las Olas offers guests more than just a simple surf expedition and time on the beach. Exploring Mexico's rich culture is also part of the agenda, and organizers of the retreat carefully plan the week-long safaris to maximize exposure to the arts, crafts and cuisine of this sleepy Mexican resort.

Typically, participants start the day with a certified Yoga instructor who takes them through a series of muscle-stretching warm ups to prepare for Las Olas' famous surf break. And after a hard day in the water, there are expert massage therapists to help you wind down from the action.


In addition to expert surfing instruction, depending on the season and guest preferences, several other activities are offered. Ladies can choose to participate in a Henna body art party, native Mexican Huichol beading classes, Spanish language lessons, Salsa dance instruction, fishing with local pescaderos, a tropical jungle exploration, sea turtle presentations and releases, and whale & dolphin tours.

Accommodations include a typical Mexican villa featuring open architecture with cabana-style enclosed bedrooms. Expect all the features of a regular hotel – comfortable beds, hot and cold running water, and kitchenettes.


But that's where the similarities end. At Las Olas you'll experience wide open views of the Mexican coast, of the surf break, and the big blue sea. A short walk to the village takes you to La Casita, the Las Olas clubhouse, were you will meet for classes, pick up your board, and head a block down the street to the beach.


Las Olas was founded in 1997 by adventure sporter Bev Sanders - co-founder of Avalanche Snowboards, one of the original snowboard pioneers. Businesswoman, activist, and active surfer, Sanders has enjoyed over 25 years in the action sports industry and spent a lifetime encouraging women to participate in the sport she loves. According to the surf queen, surfing develops inner strength, balance, and a unique bond with the ocean. She promises from your very first paddle out, you will gain an entirely new connection with the sea - and self.

The idea behind the retreat was born when Sanders and husband toured Central Mexico on a surf safari in the late 90s. A year earlier she had discovered surfing as a sport after spending some time with surf diva Nancy Emerson on Maui. Sanders fell in love with the sport and wanted to develop the first surf adventure camp to offer week long, all inclusive and exclusive retreats specifically for women. Las Olas provided the geographic inspiration, and the idea for a women-only adventure retreat was born.


So ladies - grab your girlfriends, kiss the boys goodbye and get ready to hang 10 in Mexico! Los Olas Surf Camp is  the perfect way to start a new "girls only" tradition!

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