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Mexico - romantic, historic, colonial - is full of grand adventure. From ancient pre-Columbian cities to magnificent national parks and attractive tourist destinations, there is something for everyone in the land "South of the Border."

Explore our resources and discover great Mexico destinations, with the spotlight on little known and out of the way grand adventures that will tempt you at every turn. And watch for new feature additions to this page often.

COLUMN:  "Mexico Less Traveled"
Travel writer/guide Tex Rainbolt, better known as Tex Mexico, lives and loves Mexico. A resident there, his travels have taken him deep into the heart of the mystery and magic of Mexico. Join Tex for his regular column and discover Mexico Less Traveled. MORE
Columnist Tex Rainbolt
Mexico Less Traveled
Veracruz - Cradle of Mexico
Romantic, historic, tropical and wonderfully relaxing and adventursome -  that's just part of what makes Veracruz state a perfect destination for the traveler. From charming restaurants to lively nightspots and a city square that offers a famous international flavor, you'll find it all ! MORE
Guanajuato: Mysterious City
It's a strange city, a true colonial gem located in the hills and mountains near Leon in North Central Mexico. It's unusual mix of architecture, dating back to the 1500s, has been described as Medieval-European. Beneath the city lies its mysterious secrets. MORE
Rafting the Mayan Jungle
It's a very different part of the world. Like parts of the deep Amazon, Mexico's southern border with Guatemala is a throw back in time. And life along the great Usumacinta River  is a vibrant adventure awaiting the few hardy spirits who can brave the backcountry. MORE
The Mysterious Land of Witches
The dense tropical countryside is full of mist and mystery regardless what day of the year you visit, a fitting environment for land known as the world capital of witches. Welcome to Los Tuxtlas and the mysterious city of Catemaco, Mexico. MORE
Weaving Your Way Through Oaxaca
Some of the finest handwoven wool in the world comes from the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, and a visit to this remarkable region provides insight into an art form nearly lost in a modern world. Discover the weavers of the Village and be prepapred to experience an ancient art. MORE
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