The holidays are quickly coming to an end and while it may well be the most wonderful time  of the year, it can leave you exhausted. You've spent the whole year working hard taking care of family and friends,  now  it's time to do a little something for yourself! Something that will rejuvenate both body and spirit  and get you geared up for the great year ahead.

There's no better way to relax and find that new fountain of energy than to hop a plane and head South of the Border to some of Mexico's finest spas.

Mexico has a long and glamorous history in Spa Travel. Since the time of Montezuma's reign (who had his own personal spa resort to escape the rigors of government rule), the Mexican people have long known the benefits of their mineral-rich waters, volcanic mud, and native herbs, not to mention their beautiful scenic and varied landscapes. Most spas in Mexico have incorporated many indigenous treatments and therapies to the traditional spa experience, making for a truly unique spa encounter. And the cultural backdrop creates a memorable and refreshing spa vacation for world travelers year round.

The convenience and cost of traveling to a Mexican spa is another big plus when heading South of the Border. From the West Coast, easy-to-reach Mexican spas cover the entire Pacific coastline and are just a quick trip from many West Coast States. Cancún and other Gulf of Mexico spa resorts are within short flying distance of the U.S. East Coast and a heartbeat away from the Southern States. And thanks to frequent air service to Mexico City, inland retreats are reachable from anywhere in the states withinjust a few hours.

Usually when you think of a "spa vacation," dollars signs begin to click wildly in your mind, adding to the stress you are hoping to escape. But not necessarily so in Old Mexico where the financial burden is a lot less. Where spa vacations in the U.S. can range between$3,000-6,000, in Mexico spa-goers typically enjoy the same experiences for about half the cost.

Spa experiences in Mexico are as varied as the country itself, from luxurious ocean side retreats to mystical mountain getaways, there's a spa that fits your style and budget. Check out these Mexican Spas and get ready for a great new year...and a new you!

This beautiful resorts graces the coast of the Sea of Cortes where you'll relax and unwind in the epitome of luxury. The resort is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World organization and is the largest spa resort in Latin America. Size however does not take away from your intimate spa experience as every suite has an ocean view and the resort even has a Five Diamond Award restaurant on the premises.

 Are you ready for an adult playground? This adult only resort takes you to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, located just 15 min. from downtown Cancun. The resort features seven international restaurants and lounges, three outdoor pools (including two infinity pools) with an outdoor Jacuzzi, a fitness center, sauna and steam baths. And the Spa has been designed to be your sanctuary of tranquility and peace, secluding you in an exquisitely luxurious environment of sensory pleasures.

 El Santuario, meaning "The Sanctuary" is located 2 1/2 hours west of Mexico City and only one hour from Toluca in the charming lakeside village of Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The Resort/Spa is built on a 400 acre energy conducing quartz mountainside.Here you will  enjoy mountains, pine forests, soothing lake breezes, starlit nights and sunny mornings with the sounds of songbirds creating an unforgettable experience. Just across the lake is the picturesque 16th century hillside town of Valle de Bravo with meandering cobblestone streets.

Casa Playa Spa is located in a beautiful mansion on the grounds of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Built in 1926 as the owners’ home this magnificent mansion has been restored and now houses a European style Spa. An atmosphere of elegance prevails. The elaborate architecture and its surroundings give you a feeling of romance and serenity.

This company has two resorts to choose from, one smaller resort within the city of Cuernavaca or their larger spa facility located just 1/2 hour outside of the city.With its white Moorish architectural style, Villa Bejar Hotel rises above picturesque Cuernavaca, a city known for its excellent climate. Villa Bejar Cuernavaca counts with a small spa with spa services where you will be able to enjoy massages, corporal treatments, facials, exfoliations, mud and marine seaweed treatments, reductive treatments, anticellulite treatments, detoxifications, sauna, steam room, pressure shower and good beauty services.

Is located in the colonial city of Cuernavaca just an hour and  a half from Mexico City.
Renewal and vitality await you as you step into our eternal Spring, with an average year round temperature of 78º F within 150,000 square feet of beautiful lush gardens, where you will find an outstanding variety of exotic flowers and trees blending in perfect harmony with our classic colonial architecture. Ninety-four individually decorated terrace rooms are nestled throughout the "Walled Estate", harmonizing with a private art collection and tastefully designed facilities.

These are just a few of the many hundreds of unique and beautiful spa resorts throughout Mexico. Do yourself a favor and experience the renewal of spirit and body in the cradle of comfortable spas throughout this magnificent country. Remember you give to others all year long now it's time to give to yourself....a new you.