Now those are words you don't normally associate with each other, Spring break and spiritual. In fact most of the images that flood our minds from Spring Break are wild partying scenarios, loud music, excessive drinking and a vacation that generally leaves you feeling spent and not refreshed (though you may have had fun, did it really leave you feeling better?). But there are other alternatives even in the spring break party region of the Yucatan. Why not avail yourself this year of the beauty, magic and history of the Mayan people by experiencing a Shaman Spring Break Spiritual Transformation!

The Tantric Shamanism Institute is offering a special Spring Break package, March 18-
25th that promises to offer its clientele a truly transforming experience in the heart of the Mayan World. Visitors will not only get to enjoy the pristine Caribbean waters and white sand beaches but will immerse themselves in the culture and healing practices of the Mayan people and their shamans.

The retreat is right on the beach just south of Tulum. Tulum, is one of the most beautiful pyramids in all of the Yucatan, it is also the only pyramid built facing the Caribbean. It was essentially a walled city facing the sea that historians tell us was and  still is a sacred site for religious purposes for the Mayans. There are many other important ruins in the area that will also be visited during the retreat for exploration and ceremonial sessions.

The daily ebb and flow of the retreat will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed with daily morning meditations, Tai Chi and yoga sessions  to enjoy. There will of course be plenty of time for snorkeling, body surfing and just plain playing on the beach!  On several evenings during the retreat visitors will have the opportunity to channel their creative energies by experiencing the sacred fire circle. Under a beautiful starlit night spring breakers will be led in an ancient drumming, dance and song session by the respected drummer Bright Hawk and the senior staff of the Tantric Shamanism Institute.

Perhaps the most extraordinary experiences during the retreat to be shared are those involving local shamans. On the Spring (Vernal) Equinox breakers will attend a sacred healing ceremony on the top of a Mayan pyramid. There will also be a Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony to participate in with three generations of Mayan Shamans. Visitors will also be taken to a beautiful  Cenote where another Mayan ceremony will take place. Hundreds of cenotes that run throughout the Yucatan region. These clear pools of water come from underground rivers and the Mayans viewed the pools as a magical and sacred place where rituals are performed even today.

One of the most intimate experiences of the trip will be a visit with a famous local  curandera (healer), Maria de Tulum.  Each person will participate in an "egg cleansing", this ancient ritual involves the curandera rubbing a special egg all over the body which pulls out any sickness and negative energy from the body. The egg is then cracked open and the curandera reads the contents of the egg to tell you what is wrong with your body/mind/spirit and what you can do to heal.

The Tantric Shamanism Institute has a wonderful web site that interested travelers may review client testimonies from previous Spring Break attendees, as well as other travel packages the institute offers. This particular Spring Break package includes accommodations, meals, shaman teachings, Mayan ruins entrance fees, translators, and transportation during  visitors stay. Other expenses breakers will need to plan for are transportation to Mexico, transportation back to the airport, tips for staff and any additional sessions with local shamans.

So why not try something different this Spring Break take a break from the frenzied revelry of spring breaks past and come home refreshed, focused and healthy! It awaits you in land of the Mayans.

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