Tex Mexico's Perfect RV Spot along the Costa Esmeralda

Editor's Note: Lost Planet Media's Mexico correspondent and travel writer, Tex Rainbolt, who pens his articles with the name TEX MEXICO, is at it again, this time finding the perfect RV Destination along the beautiful Costa Esmeralda Coast.

Located Some 500 miles south of Brownsville is a 40-mile stretch of beach in the Mexican state of Veracruz known as Costa Esmeralda or `The Emerald Coast'. This tropical paradise is home to hundreds of hotels, restaurants, cabanas, and RV parks. What makes this area special, unlike many of Mexico's more well known resorts, are the prices. Costa Esmeralda offers hotels rooms as low as $12 per night…RV spaces are plentiful and start at about $5 a day. Of course there are more luxurious accommodations such as Canadian resorts and Best Western.

There really is something for everyone along the Costa Esmeralda. Great fishing, night clubs, historical sites and birding are among the many activities. You may stay in a secluded cabana along the beautiful beaches or in the small town of Casitas which offers a greater variety of eating establishments.

If you choose to visit by RV, take Mexican federal highway 180 out of Matamoros and head south. About 90 miles from the border you will near the town of San Fernando where you take the bypass around this city. About 20 miles south of San Fernando you will arrive at a junction. The road straight ahead takes you to Cuidad Victoria…take the left turn and head for Soto de la Marina. From Soto de la Marina continue on to the city of Tampico… This is where it gets a little difficult…If you continue on Hwy 180 thru the city you will probably get lost. On the north side of Tampico look for a huge fishing boat and a sign that directs you to take a right turn to VERACRUZ…This road is a toll road around the west side of Tampico..After leaving the toll road you follow Hiway 70 (the road to Panuco) for about 5 miles. Look for a sign off to the left for Veracruz and turn left. You will Cross the Panuco river on a toll bridge. Stay on this road thru the village of Cuatemoc until you again come back to Hiway 180 South to Tuxpan. As soon as you pass through the City of Tuxpan (over the river Tuxpan) you will find yourself on a toll road heading south… You'll come to another junction ..one that says libre (free road) to Poza Rica and the other that says "Cuota" (Toll) which says Veracruz. Take the toll road.. it will save you about 30 minutes. The toll road will again join Hiway 180 south of Poza Rica and you remain on this Hwy for about 60 miles until you reach Costa Esmeralda! Of course the best way to travel is by RV caravan with someone who knows his or her way around…or by bus. A bus ticket from BROWNSVILLE TO COSTA ESMERALDA is about $65 per person.
If you would like a guide for your RV caravan or a guide to meet you in Costa Esmeralda, contact TEX at WINTERTEXANSONLINE.COM or call 956-347-3314.