Mexico's Mysterious State
Mexico's Romantic City

Port City, International City, Veracruz is rooted in both pre-Columbian and early Spanish history, and offers one of Mexico's best travel destinations for active travelers wanting to combine relaxation and adventure. All Aboard for Veracruz!

It's a rare city among great Mexican cities; a tailored destination for the traveler wanting more than the common Mexican destination, because Veracruz is a city (and state) for lovers of history, both ancient Olmec history and the history of Cortez and his conquest of the New World. The city is the birthplace of Mexico's revolution against Spain, and the site where battles were fought against pirates, French and American invaders.

To rival its rich historical significance, modern Veracruz is also a city of great attractions. In the city or in the surrounding countryside, there are plenty of things to see and do. Here you can expect to find great, black-sand  beaches, a thriving marketplace, centers of art and architecture, great local cuisine known for its fresh seafood and regional flavor. Not far away stand great Olmec ruins, mysterious lakes with monkeys on an island, and a city known worldwide as the capital of witches.

Join as we explore the many faces of Veracruz, and check back often for constant updates. We'll tell you where to go, where to eat, where to stay, where to dine. We'll list the best beaches for lovers, the best travel bargains, and will be offering features, articles and photographs to acquaint you with this remarkable destination. Beinvinedos al Veracruz!
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